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Whether you're a Latte with two sugars, black Americano, or a deliciously foamy Cappuccino...Kenco Coffee Company have you covered.

Kenco Freeze Dried Smooth Roast

A freeze dried instant coffee made with a superior blend of medium roast fine quality arabica beans, expertly roasted to capture a rich and rounded mellow coffee taste. Perfect for a smooth coffee experience. Packed 10 x 300g per case 

Kenco Rich Roast (white) In-cup

Kenco dark and strong coffee with a rich taste and aroma. Made from superior Kenco freeze dried coffee and whitener. Each In-cup pack has 25 cups, a full case is 15 packs a total of 375 cups   

Millicano Wholebean Instant

Innovative Kenco Millicano, a wholebean instant coffee and made from 85% instant and 15% finely milled roast and ground.

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Kenco Freeze Dried Rich Roast 300g

A freeze dried instant coffee created from a blend of fine roasted medium arabica beans to produce a dark and rich, lively and tangy coffee taste and aroma. Perfect for those who prefer a stronger coffee experience. Packed in cases of 10 x 300g

Kenco Millicano Instant Coffee 300g

A clever combination of instant coffee and finely milled whole coffee beans. With essential oils locked in for a smooth, full-bodied flavor and rich aroma. The first wholebean with 85% instant and 15% finely milled roast and ground coffee.  

Tasting Notes: a golden coloured coffee; flavour - lively, balanced coffee with a smooth full bodied taste and rich aroma reminiscent of a roast and ground coffee; Aroma - enticing with fragrant floral notes; Mouth feel - full bodied, rich, indulgent and satisfying

Kenco Rich Roast (black) In-cup

Freeze dried coffee which is dark and richly roasted to create a full bodied black coffee for a stronger taste and aroma. 

Kenco Smooth Roast (white) In-cup

Kenco smooth and mild, suitable for drinking anytime of the day due to the use of superior freeze dried Kenco coffee and whitener   

Kenco Smooth Roast (black) In-cup

A smooth freeze dried Kenco coffee available as a black coffee with a mild and smooth flavour. Perfect for drinking at any time of the day