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Barista training

Baristas are creators of perfect coffee using commercial coffee machines, espresso and milk foam


  • An appreciation and understanding of your grinder and coffee machine is vital
  • How to get the best from you coffee beans is the starting point
  • Perfect Milk foam is needed for cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites
  • For Lavazza customers we also have access to the London training centre
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Demo and tasting

Machine demos are great for evaluation plus product tasting to get the best products


  • Machine demonstrations are easy in our dedicated showroom where you can see a number of machines are try our delicious products
  • If there are many people involved in the buying decision then we can bring the machine to your site
  • Tasting coffee involves 4 steps: smell; taste; tongue for different taste buds; palate
  • We demonstrate how to select drinks; refill machine and simple cleaning instructions
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Machine trial

Agreed Trials of machines at your premises enable tasting, usage and evaluation


  • Machine trials are excellent for testing a machine and full product range in your normal work situation
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Machine installation

Installs by our team connecting to your power and plumbed to your water supply


  • The machine will be set up to fit your mugs or cup size
  • Simple instruction on how to use the machine - drink selection or using an app
  • Water filters are recommended on all new installations and will require 6 monthly changes (charged)
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6 monthly filter dispense service

Filter changes and sanitisation enhances water quality taste and dispenser life


  • Water filters are important to enhance the taste of products particularly in hard water areas
  • Filters ensure the longevity of your equipment by eliminating limescale
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Machine Repair

For emergencies when your machine has an error message or just won't work


  • If errors messages appear on the display of your machine you may need an engineer
  • Replacement water filters are chargeable on a maintenance contract
  • Parts may be are covered by warranty, maintenance agreement or charged at our specified rates.
  • If you are not covered by warranty we will provide a quote prior to repair
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Machine Troubleshoot

Phone or video call can help with troubleshooting minor errors for a self fix


  • We are building up a library of troubleshooting fixes for machines
  • Firstly we will talk through your issues to identify the fault for a self fix
  • Secondly we can send a video to enable you to make a self fix
  • if we can't help over the phone we can send a quote for an engineer call
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Machine Decommission

Machine may be decommissioned due to age, relocation or for machine upgrade


  • If a machine is condemned as irreparable our engineer will dcommissione
  • Sometimes if a business is moving location they may request a decommission and install at new location
  • Simple steps are disconnect from the water supply, drain down the machine
  • Remove product canisters and store product in containers
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Machine Exchange

Temporary or permanent exchange to replace obsolete or faulty machine


  • Machine exchange involves decommission of faulty machine
  • Installation of exchange machine with exchange of products
  • Plumb into the mains water supply
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Delivery of goods

Goods are delivered via our Alba or carrier company drivers subject to schedule


  • Many goods are delivered by our trusted carrier companies offering next day delivery
  • Our own operations team may deliver goods if they are in your area
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Collection of goods

Collections when items sent are incorrect or have been damaged in transit


  • Get in contact if you have an issue with an order and we will arrange collection
  • We will arrange collection via our operations team or carrier
  • Credit notes will be arranged for returned goods
  • If you have a product complaint then we will require the product returned so the manufacturer can analyse this s
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Fully Managed Service

Replenishment of goods, machine cleaning, taking and reconciling cash plus managing contactless payments


  • For companies who wish to have a managed service we can arrange a contract
  • The responsibility for the replenishing of stock and cleaning of your machine is done by our operations team
  • Cash, contactless payments and reconciliation of your machine is completed by our operations teame it
  • We will also attend to any repairs of faulty machines at your site
  • We take the hassle out of looking after your vending machines
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