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Machines Coffee Machines Bean-2-cup Bean-2-cup with Fresh Milk Coffetek Vitro M5 Mia

Perfection, innovation and adaptation. Bean-to-cup range using fresh milk / whitener plus distance selection

THe Coffetek M5 enables you to offer a full selection of up to 20 delicious and consistent espressos and fresh milk drinks. From velvety cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick variable layer of foam to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding consumers and all at the same time minimising maintenance times which is great for machine operators.

Using the latest technology - MIA technology for hot or cold milk to satisfy hot milk and foam to iced coffees. Mo3 performance grinder and ZAK V30 espresso group technology to create the most aromatic espresso coffees.

The M5 is very easy to re-programme and you can adapt any recipe to suit the tastes of your customers with the S5. You can also select the order in which each ingredient is poured into the cup, specify whether you want the milk to be liquid or foamed and hot or cold plus alter the amount of foam you want for each option. Your recipe will be made with precision cup after cup. This unique machine offers both fresh milk based speciality espresso drinks plus granulated dairy whitener coffees for those emergencies when you run out of milk or for selected periods. Hot chocolate is available and an extra canister inside the machine enables an instant coffee or micro granule coffee option, such as Lavazza Prontissimo or Kenco Millicano to be offered therby increasing the range of choice to cover all sorts of different taste preferences.

The timed delivery of the fresh milk system from Monday to Sunday ensures complete flexibility as the milk can be operational mid week and switched to the dairy whitener at weekends or vice versa to fit in which cleaning regimes.

So if you're looking for a bean to cup machine which not only looks amazing, is a pleasure to use and has a fantastic comprehensive range of delicious quality fresh bean to cup drinks for high volume areas then look no further than the Vitro M5.


  • Visual appeal from the coffee beans being displayed in the single clear hopper
  • Mood lighting in the door can be customised for each environment
  • LED's illuminate the two separate dispense areas - one for hot drinks and one for hot water
  • Optional ‘Go Large’ facility for flexibility of cup size and uses a barista grinder
  • USB interface innovation for uploading drink setting and simple re-programming of drink selections
  • Energy saving from the economy mode
  • Incredibly simple integrated cleaning functions for weekly cleaning of the of the brew chamber and dispense system using dedicated tablets and fluid
Coffetek Vitro M5 Mia pricing


Dimensions machine (wxhxd) mm: 480x775x590
Dimensions Fridge (wxhxd) mm: Weight (Kg) 230 x 390 x 590 (9 litres)
Plumbed / Manual Plumbed
Weight (Kg) 65
Selections 20
Trays: waste capacity Liquid: 2.5 Litre ; Coffee 220 cakes
Coffee canister capacity (g) beans: 2200; instant: 4500
Canister capacity (g) whitener: 2200: chocolate: 2300
Coffetek — Coffetek designs and manufactures hot and cold beverage dispense systems and snack machines


Drink and Snack options Hot Drinks
Volume Medium sized businesses: up to 150 drinks per day, and Large offices, shopping malls and high footfall areas: 300+
Dairy Fresh Milk, and Dairy Whitener
Style Bean 2 Cup
Screen Type Distance selection (no touch)
Machine Status New


Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans

Delicious tasting full body with notes of roasted hazelnut and brown sugar to produce the most harmonious Italian espresso.

Part of Lavazza's Classic range - 

Super Crema consists of 60% washed and Natural Arabica beans and 40% wet polished and Natural Robusta beans to provide an excellent rich, creamy and aromatic profile. Blend of Brazilian, Central American and sweet Indonesian beans.

Taste Area: aromatic

Lavazza Crema E Aroma coffee beans

Excellent character and tasting notes of peanuts and nutmeg and an after taste of dry fruit for a wonderfully well balanced Italian espresso.

Lavazzas classic range features Crema E Aroma which consists of 60% washed and Natural Arabica beans and 40% Natural Robusta beans to provide a rich cream and balanced aromatic profile. Blend of Brazil, Honduras and spicy African beans - a true classic.

Taste area - balanced

Lavazza Top Class coffee beans

This carefully selected blend of beans from Central and South America is Medium Roasted, for a smooth, fruity, slightly sweet and well-rounded coffee.

An excellent blend made up of 50% washed and natural Arabica and 50% washed Robusta beans. Combined they offer hints of chocolate of Central and South American coffees with full body and cinnamon flavours of India and Java beans.

Lavazza Gold Selection coffee beans

Delightfully smooth with taste notes of almonds and honey for a full intense flavoured Italian espresso.

Gold Selection is included in Lavazza's specials range and consists of 70% Washed and Natural Arabica beans and 30% Washed Robusta beans, rich cream and aromatic profile. Hand-picked Arabica in the highlands of South and Central America plus Robusta from India (Kaapi Royale) and Java.

taste area - aromatic

Lavazza Dek decaffeinated coffee beans

Lavazza Dek, 100% Arabica beans from Central America without the caffeine for a well balance, rich, thick crema and distinctive aroma.

Kenco Millicano Instant Coffee 300g

A clever combination of instant coffee and finely milled whole coffee beans. With essential oils locked in for a smooth, full-bodied flavor and rich aroma. The first wholebean with 85% instant and 15% finely milled roast and ground coffee.  

Tasting Notes: a golden coloured coffee; flavour - lively, balanced coffee with a smooth full bodied taste and rich aroma reminiscent of a roast and ground coffee; Aroma - enticing with fragrant floral notes; Mouth feel - full bodied, rich, indulgent and satisfying

Lavazza Prontissimo Sticks (300)

A premium micro ground instant coffee, Lavazza Prontissimo Intenso is 90% instant and 10% micro ground coffee for a taste of Italy. The individual coffee stick of this premium micro-granule coffee makes this perfect for Hotel bedrooms which exude quality. 300 sticks packed in every case

Kenco Freeze Dried Smooth Roast

A freeze dried instant coffee made with a superior blend of medium roast fine quality arabica beans, expertly roasted to capture a rich and rounded mellow coffee taste. Perfect for a smooth coffee experience. Packed 10 x 300g per case 

Kenco Freeze Dried Rich Roast 300g

A freeze dried instant coffee created from a blend of fine roasted medium arabica beans to produce a dark and rich, lively and tangy coffee taste and aroma. Perfect for those who prefer a stronger coffee experience. Packed in cases of 10 x 300g

Premier Chocolate

Delicious chocolate with 9% cocoa content. Used in a selection of  coffee machines to create a wonderful hot chocolate drink. Packed 10 bags of 1Kg to a case  

Milfresh Silver Dairy Whitener

Milfresh, in a re-sealable pouch for freshness, premium quality, fat free and made from real dried liquid milk. Cases = 10 x 500g

Classic Cappuccino Topping

Classic Cappuccino Topping is a great product from Barry Callebaut which can be used in a variety of vending and coffee machines to create a creamy cappuccino.  Packed in 10 bags of 750g per case.