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Machines Coffee Machines Bean-2-cup Bean-2-cup with Fresh Milk Gaggia La Solare

Italian quality, fully automatic to brew the perfect cup of Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte with Gaggia La Solare

La Solare Hotel setting
Smooth hot chocolate
Creamy Cappuccino
La Solare in an Office environment

The elegant iconic Gaggia machine, La Solare, designed with great attention to detail offering: aluminum profiles, an LED-lit dispensing area; and stainless steel inserts.

The Z4000 iX coffee group is the new technology that enhances the performance of this fully automatic coffee machine. Equipped with a heated chamber in stainless steel, the new group ensures greater stability in temperature and quality of the drink dispensed time after time all day. The coffee group is available in a double version with a capacity of up to 14 or 21 grams for larger drink options offering even greater selection from the menu.

Gaggia La Solare espresso machines are renowned for producing a rich and signature cup of coffee. Built with precision and quality, La Solare machines combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. Crafting your espresso with La Solare guarantees a superior taste with each cup, allowing you to savour the finest Italian espresso. 

The automatic milk system can offer hot frothed milk from one drink to the next and adjustments in foam can be made to recipes via the menu. The integrated milk cleaning at the end of the day is simple to carry out without manual intervention. Safety regulations have been adhered to protecting the health of both operators and end consumers.

La Solare offers a wonderful, easy user friendly experience. This extends to self-service mode which enables new users easy access via the 7'' touchscreen. Customers can select their own drinks and even personalise them with the simple to use interface!

The Pure Zone adhesive film is compatible with all cleaning protocols and resistant to all major cleaning and sanitizing products this technology is resistant for up to 5 years after application.

Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection to enable payment and users apps such as Breasyu00ae and Coffee APPeal, the free mobile app for a touchless and secure experience. Just scan the QR Code visible on the La Solare touchscreen and select the desired drink, without entering any personal information or even touching it. There is also a lateral module for alternative payment systems.


  • La Solare benefits from a wide range of accessories from fridges with stainless steel or glass doors, cup warmers and furniture on wheels.
  • Dedicated cleaning products from liquid detergent for cleaning the milk circuit to tablets to clean the espresso group have been developed for La Solare
  • The Pure Zone adhesive film, which consists of silver ions, blocks bacterial proliferation on the touchscreen, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The growth of alternative non-dairy milk makes the lateral hot water wand very appealing. Milk can be frothed in jugs using the wand.
Gaggia La Solare pricing


Dimensions (wxdxh) mm: 368 x 583 x 788
Weight Kg: 47
Steam boiler Lines: 2 x 0.8
Coffee bean canister g: 1200 x 2
Other canister g: 1500
Gaggia — The taste of Italian espresso from Gaggia range of automatic and semi automatic coffee machines and accessories


Drink and Snack options Hot Drinks
Volume Large offices, shopping malls and high footfall areas: 300+, and Medium sized businesses: up to 150 drinks per day
Dairy Fresh Milk
Style Bean 2 Cup
Screen Type Touch screen
Machine Status New


Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans

Delicious tasting full body with notes of roasted hazelnut and brown sugar to produce the most harmonious Italian espresso.

Part of Lavazza's Classic range - 

Super Crema consists of 60% washed and Natural Arabica beans and 40% wet polished and Natural Robusta beans to provide an excellent rich, creamy and aromatic profile. Blend of Brazilian, Central American and sweet Indonesian beans.

Taste Area: aromatic

Lavazza Crema E Aroma coffee beans

Excellent character and tasting notes of peanuts and nutmeg and an after taste of dry fruit for a wonderfully well balanced Italian espresso.

Lavazzas classic range features Crema E Aroma which consists of 60% washed and Natural Arabica beans and 40% Natural Robusta beans to provide a rich cream and balanced aromatic profile. Blend of Brazil, Honduras and spicy African beans - a true classic.

Taste area - balanced

Lavazza Top Class coffee beans

This carefully selected blend of beans from Central and South America is Medium Roasted, for a smooth, fruity, slightly sweet and well-rounded coffee.

An excellent blend made up of 50% washed and natural Arabica and 50% washed Robusta beans. Combined they offer hints of chocolate of Central and South American coffees with full body and cinnamon flavours of India and Java beans.

Lavazza Gold Selection coffee beans

Delightfully smooth with taste notes of almonds and honey for a full intense flavoured Italian espresso.

Gold Selection is included in Lavazza's specials range and consists of 70% Washed and Natural Arabica beans and 30% Washed Robusta beans, rich cream and aromatic profile. Hand-picked Arabica in the highlands of South and Central America plus Robusta from India (Kaapi Royale) and Java.

taste area - aromatic

Lavazza Tierra Brazil 100% Arabica

From the single origin range, 100% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee bean from Brazil. Well balanced flavour and aroma with a good crema. Medium to dark roasted blend of 100% Arabica to offer notes of caramel and nuts. Case of 6 x 1Kg

Lavazza Dek decaffeinated coffee beans

Lavazza Dek, 100% Arabica beans from Central America without the caffeine for a well balance, rich, thick crema and distinctive aroma.

Premier Chocolate

Delicious chocolate with 9% cocoa content. Used in a selection of  coffee machines to create a wonderful hot chocolate drink. Packed 10 bags of 1Kg to a case  

Foaming jug 0.35 litre / Espresso Teflon

0.35 Foaming jug, smallest size for use with traditional espresso machines. Teflon jugs available in a variety of colours - black, blue, green and red

Foaming Jug (0.6 Litre) Teflon

0.6 litre jug is a medium size foaming jug for use with traditional espresso machines. Available in a variety of colours - black, blue, green and red in an easy to hold Teflon 

Foaming Jug (1 Litre) Teflon

Teflon foaming jug in a variety of colours - black, blue, green and red. The 1 litre jug is the largest size for milk foaming with traditional espresso machines. 

Lavazza White Sugar Sticks

Lavazza White Sugar Sticks (700)

Lavazza Brown Sugar Sticks

Why not buy our Lavazza branded brown sugar sticks? which accompany your Lavazza product greatly. Coming in packs of 1000 (each stick weighing approx 4g) these will be perfect to help people create their perfect Lavazza coffee moment u2026