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Machines Coffee Machines Lavazza Professional Flavia Creation Creation 600

Technology galore - touchscreen, auto cup stand, works with app and offers fresh milk option

Use your smart phone to tap anf brew
Use any milk with the individual frothing system

The NEW Creation 600 from Lavazza Professional is a high performing machine which features all of the latest technology in this 2021 machine.

So for the ultimate workplace coffee shop experience.. the Creation 600 has all of the features and a complete range of beverages.  With a great choice of 15 products, including 5 NEW Lavazza espresso coffee blends, speciality coffees, Cadbury's chocolate and Bright fresh teas. There's also a choice of two drink sizes to suit your cup or mug as large or standard.

At a reliability rate of 99% you get more usage and up time from a tried and tested system. A new SIM connection ensures any machine updates from the Lavazza Hub are sent direct to the machine

Energy efficient as the machine heats just the right amount of water to the correct temperature from twin tank boiler system. In addition the machine uses  14% less energy than a kettle to give an efficiency of A+ machine energy rating and zero waste to landfill in production.

Hygiene is a top priority, Fresh packs are sealed until the moment they are brewed in the machine so there is no exposure to air or bacteria.

For complete Health and safety there is low contact achieved via the app and only hot water flushed through the ingredients. Limited queues as drinks are dispensed quickly in less than a minute and there are minimal machine surfaces for cleaning of exterior elements

The NEW range just got better..  Lavazza espresso coffee blends plus speciality indulgent coffees (Flat white, Cappuccinos and Lattes) and chocolate or fresh leaf teas. Offering 15 beverage options for you to choose from in the Lavazza Flavia range.


  • Technology is state of the art - interactive and intuitive touch screen which directs the user.
  • Personalise you drink directly from your smart phone using the Mobile App. Mobile App = Tap and Brew – no need to touch the screen
  • Milk frothing system which offers flexibility to use "your choice of milk, your way in your coffee" directly in your cup
  • Adjustable cup stand for no splashes
  • Distinct QR codes ensure each Fresh pack products is read and ensures the perfect brew cycle for your drink - complete simplicity
Creation 600 pricing


Dimensions machine wxhxd) mm: 308x435x511
Dimensions merchandiser (wxhxd) mm 457x427x469 or 385x414x437
Plumbed / Manual Both
Tank capacity 5 litres
Drink selections 15
Weight machine / merchandise Kg 14.5 / 3.5
Lavazza — With over 120 years in the coffee business Lavazza have a fine heritage of producing state of the art coffee machines, quality coffee beans, filter blends and more recently pods. 


Drink and Snack options Hot Drinks
Volume Receptions, board rooms and small businesses: 10-50 drinks, and Medium sized businesses: up to 150 drinks per day
Dairy Fresh Milk, and Dairy Whitener
Style Lavazza Professional R & G sachets
Screen Type Touch screen
Machine Status New


Lavazza Flavia Qualita Rossa

Combining a mix of Arabica and Robusta to create a most pleasant Italian favourite which is full bodied and has an unmistakeable rich aroma. 

Full-bodied Intensity 5/10

Lavazza Flavia Creme E Gusto

Blend of high-quality Arabica from Brazil and Robusta from South East Asia to create the perfect harmony between body and spiced notes.

Harmonious and Creamy bold Intensity: 7/10

Lavazza Flavia Espresso Italiano

Selected blends, from mild to bold, for real Italian espresso which is sweet and delicate, with notes of fruits and a persistent aftertaste. A True Italian experieince 

Full-flavoured and full-bodied Intensity: 5/10

Lavazza Flavia Cafe Decaffeinato

Well-balanced blend from Central America which has a rich aroma and mild authentic Italian coffee taste perfect for those avoiding caffeine.

Sweet and Balanced Intensity: 3/10

Lavazza Flavia Qualita Oro

6 fine varieties of Arabica beans from Central and South America, perfectly blended and expertly crafted for a unique smooth golden  taste and lingering aroma.

Smooth and Aromatic Intensity: 5/10

Lavazza Flavia Mocha

Prontissimo Espresso micro-ground coffee, skimmed milk and cocoa create the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate for a velvety Mocha. Rich flavours and aromatic bliss for a indulgent coffee experience

Origin: Brazil | Roasting: Medium Aroma: Sweet, chocolatey, roasted notes

Lavazza Flavia Cappuccino

Perfectly blended mix of Prontissimo Espresso micro-ground coffee and skimmed milk to create a delightful, velvety expresso and luxurious frothy Cappuccino. For a smooth and indulgent coffee journey

Origin: Brazil | Roasting: Medium Aroma: Roasted, Milky notes

Lavazza Flavia Latte

A fusion of smooth Prontissimo Espresso micro-ground coffee and skimmed milk create a luxurious lighter, smoother indulgent Lavazza latte experience. 

Origin: Brazil | Roasting: Light Aroma: Sweet, caramel notes

Lavazza Flavia Flat White

A strong flat white is created from a bold blend of Prontissimo micro-ground coffee and skimmed milk

Origin: Brazil | Roasting: Medium Aroma: Roasted, Milky notes

Lavazza Flavia Cadburys Chocolate

Lavazza indulgence Cadburys Chocolate. The sweet cocoa flavoured instant drink which is perfect as a pick you up at anytime of the day. 4 strips of 20 sachets in a case   

Flavia Bright Tea English breakfast

Flavia's Bright Tea Co. English Breakfast Tea is a popular smooth and mellow all day drinking black tea. 20 x 7 strips to provide 140 servings per case.

Flavia Bright English breakfast decaffeinated

Flavia's Bright Tea Co. English Breakfast  decaffeinated tea is a healthy option and smooth and mellow all day drinking black tea. 140 servings per case which has 7 strips of 20 sachets.